Sunday, July 6, 2008

Share your idea(s) with us.. .

Have you ever think a briliant idea?
Dreamed to empowering other peoples about IT world?
Want to have an IT course for your group/school?

DJ-icafe is a right place to make it real. You can join us as a part of creative team. Also, you or your group can be a participants of a course... can just came here and enjoy the internet on the cozy place...

DJ-icafe and Linux Community

Since July 2005, DJ-icafe has been the linux community center in Cilegon. It was very special since the internet access is an 'expensive' thing for many peoples, for us.
On DJ-icafe we could easily get a Linux ISO image.
Until now, DJ-icafe is still trying to support the growth of the linux community in Cilegon.
Any participants are welcome in to the community.

Technical Specification of DJ-icafe

Processor : AMD Sempron 2400+
Motherboard : Abit NF7-M
Memory : 256 MB DDR
Monitor : 15" semiflat monitor
Accessories : Headset + Web Camera
Operating System : VectorLinux SOHO 5.8
Applications : Mozilla Firefox,, GyachE Improved, Pidgin, X-Chat, The Gimp + many other internet and multimedia applications

Saturday, July 5, 2008

English Version of DJ-icafe

This is an English 'version' of the original DJ-icafe blog.
This blog is not exactly similar to the other one,but either just the English 'version' that used to act as media to share anything about DJ-icafe, either too as a media to practise our English skill, for all Crews and of course all users of DJ-icafe.

Warm Regards,
DJ-icafe Crews.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to Deja Vu internet cafe

Thank you for visit to our internet cafe.
DJ-icafe is the real internet cafe, The Cozy Place to experince the world of internet…

We are already have been a pioneer as the first internet cafe that fully-consistent using GNU/Linux and Open Source Software in Cilegon.
We are using Vector Linux SOHO 5.1 at first, 2 years ago, and now we are using the latest SOHO version of VL, it's VL SOHO 5.8.

Very nice for having a legal operating-system and also the whole applications on DJ-icafe.
We are always try to do our best to give the best experience for all users on DJ-icafe.

Well...enjoy your internet session and feel free to request assistance(s) to our Crews ;)

Warm Regards,
DJ-icafe Crews.